Friday, May 21, 2010

How to add a favicon in Blogger

 favicon (short for favorites icon), also known as a website icon, shortcut icon, url icon, or bookmark icon is a 16×16, 32×32 or 64×64 pixel square icon associated with a particular website or web page.Most of the people use 16*16 pixel favicon with ".ico" format.But,you can also use gif,png(image formats) aswell.

There are plenty of sites out there that generates a favicon for you when you upload an image.Do a Google Search for "free favicon Generator" and plenty of sites would come up or use one of these free services:

Then upload it to a free image hosting site like ImageBoo .After uploading the file select the direct link given at the very bottom which should look like "", add that as the "favicon url" given in the below instructions.

Now,go to your blogger dashboard>layout>Edit html and look for this code which at the top the template:
Just after that line add the following codes, substituting 'favicon url' for the URL where your favicon is hosted:
<link href='favicon url' rel='shortcut icon'/>
<link href='favicon url' rel='icon'/>
Then save your template. Now when you view your blog in your browser, you should see your favicon appear beside the web address.

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